Current Events and Actions


NOW's national conference is July 21-23 in Albany, NY. Speakers will include Cecelia Fire Thunder, Tyne Daly, and Rep. Carolyn Mahoney, and Ani Difranco will be there to receive the Woman of Courage award. See you there!

June 2006

We're a nonpartisan organization, but several of us will be at the 2006 State Democratic Convention.

Many of us will also be at various Pride events, like Pride Texas, benefiting our friends at Equality Texas, and Pride Houston. Hope to see you there!

April 27, 2006

Lilith Fund is hosting its annual Reproductive Equity Awards, and honoring the very deserving Peggy Romberg. Peggy is executive director of Women's Health and Family Planning Association of Texas and has been fighting for reproductive rights here in Texas for almost forty years. Cheers, Peggy!